Listen to what some of our past and present staff have to say about working at optimus

Its easy for us to give you all the compelling reasons on why you should become an Optimus Medic or Physiotherapist but we believe it holds more value coming from our past and present medics.... 

Imogen Ackerly - 4th year Medical Student & 1st year Optimus Medic - 2016

Working with Optimus during my final year of medicine has been highly rewarding. The clinical experience of being pitch side is like nothing I’ve come across in my placements as a medical student. Seeing an injury as it happens and being the first person to assess it has improved my clinical reasoning and judgment immensely. Taking leadership and responsibility during high-stress situations is something we are trained to do but don’t often get to apply as students. My first solo job pitch-side for one of our club rugby teams had me in a manual in-line stabilisation position (for protection of the cervical spine), managing the player’s injuries and directing other helpers, while I waited for an ambulance. My training as a student and that provided by Optimus just seemed to kick in and I was able to take control of an adrenaline charged situation which gave me great confidence going forward. A key feature of the Optimus model is the injury follow-up. Writing injury reports and working with senior physiotherapists on injury management has developed my knowledge of concussion and musculoskeletal pathology. I’ve also been involved with the ConcussionAWARE program as a concussion educator. There is little teaching in medical school on concussion, however through personal inquisition and Optimus training, I now feel equipped to advocate for good concussion management at schools, clubs and even in the hospital. The experience gained from working with Optimus would be invaluable for all medical students but especially those  considering a future in Emergency Medicine or Sports and Exercise Medicine.

Vish Liyanage -  4 year Physio Student & 1st year Optimus Medic - 2015

Just wanted to say thanks heaps for keeping me around throughout the year. Through working with the teams I’ve grown so much in confidence as a medic and am miles ahead of where I was at as a student at the start of the year. The PD as well has been brilliant and I’ve strongly recommended Optimus to many other physio students as a great way to learn. Working with your program has also opened up a ton of doors for me and its always looked upon well at interviews that I go for. Hopefully everything lines up alright and you’re willing to take me back next season too!”

Clara Zwack - Optimus Physio & 3rd year Optimus Medic - 2014-2016

I have worked as a medic with Optimus for two years now. As a Masters student, it has provided numerous opportunities to develop my physiotherapy skills and build up my confidence working in sports. The senior physiotherapists have allowed me to shadow them and assist during clinic hours, as well as providing ongoing support and advice when pitch-side at the rugby. I am confident that these two years experience will enhance my future job opportunities and I would highly recommend being a Medic for Optimus. Lastly, the whole Optimus crew are heaps of fun. What more could you want from a job!”