Taylor Acheson

Taylor has completed a Bachelor of Sport Science (Exercise Science) at Victoria University.  He has also completed his Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 1 Coaching accreditation and has been coaching clients since 2014 both in the gym and in an athletic sports setting. 

Taylor has a passion for athlete development, from rehabilitation and injury prevention to strength, speed and power development both in the gym environment and in the athlete's sporting environment.  Taylor believes that building a strong foundation of physical capacities from a young age prepares young adults for life, whether they become an elite athlete or stop playing sport altogether, it is important to create and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.  Taylor keeps up-to-date with science papers that can be applied to his coaching where it is appropriate.

In his spare time, Taylor enjoys playing rugby during the cold, wet Melbourne winter and taking part in athletics during the spring-summer season.  Taylor actively focuses on staying conditioned in the weights room year-round.  He also enjoys a movie night and regularly goes into the city to relish the nightlife and food culture that Melbourne has to offer!