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Injury rehab & Prevention by professionals



Injury rehab & Prevention by professionals

Optimus is the preferred supplier of physiotherapy to brands such as the Melbourne Rebels, the Victorian Rugby Union, the VSRU, the top premier grade rugby clubs in Melbourne, multiple soccer and footy clubs AND 8 of Melbourne’s top private schools.  It's why the likes of Red Bull and Blackmore’s utilize our services to provide the best quality care to their clients…it's because our main focus is on clinical outcomes to our clients.

How do we do this?

Our focus is on quality of care to our patients- Optimus doesn’t double book any patients, ever. If a physio doesn’t spend the entire private session with you doing 1-1 treatment or rehabilitation, we believe that is a sub-standard service.

Optimus doesn’t give our clinicians targets on rebooking rates.  Why rebook a patient who is symptom free, and has all the necessary skills and rehab programs to stay symptom free? "Just for maintenance"? We don't believe that is the correct model of health. We want our patients educated, out of our clinic, maintaining health with techniques they can utilise by themselves, and happy with the knowledge that they can contact us if they need to.

Optimus uses evidenced based treatment techniques.  Optimus clinicians believe that patients will have better outcomes from manual therapy and exercise prescription, rather than techniques and fad technologies- we don't utilise machines that are left on you whilst your physio ducks out of the room to treat another patient...

Optimus clinicians are subject to a flexible work life balance- therefore when they are in clinic, they are at the top of their game, to ensure you are at the top of yours….



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Clinic Locations:

RICHMOND CLINIC- 407 Bridge Rd, Richmond

HAWTHORN MEDICAL- 125 Power Street, Hawthorn