Prue Cormack joined the Optimus team in 2016 working as a medic for multiple rugby and football clubs, from school to representative state level. She is currently completing her final year of her Physiotherapy Degree at LaTrobe.

Prue trained in reformer pilates at dynamic stability (polestar pilates) in 2015 and has been doing pilates herself for over 8 years. Prue believes pilates is a critical step in injury prevention and treatment of many avoidable and long term musculoskeletal issues.

She is working as a Physiotherapy Assistant at Optimus Richmond and runs our Pilates Programs under the supervision of Experienced Clinical Pilates Physiotherapists. 

Groups benefit males and females, young or old, athletes, weekend warriors, runners, skiers and boarders, and due to the nature of the individualised programs created in an Initial Physio Assessment, can benefit many musculoskeletal conditions.

Currently Groups run on:

Monday and Friday at 7am

Thursdays at 630pm and 715pm.