DID YOU KNOW? | Conor McGregor has previously injured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament twice, once in late 2013 in a fight against Max Holloway, where his MRI showed an ACL tear, MCL strain and posterior horn meniscal tear, as confirmed by Dana White here.

He was sidelined for approximately 11 months after suffering the serious knee injury in a victory at UFC Fight Night 26. He underwent an ACL reconstruction and you can read more about that on Optimus' Facebook and Twitter in the next few days.

It was then reported in 2015 that then Interim UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor says he went into his July fight against Chad Mendes, with a partially torn ACL. During a Q-and-A session in Ireland, McGregor confirmed he suffered a significant injury before the event.

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"Fourteen weeks before the fight I tore 80 percent of my ACL," McGregor said. "I could barely walk. I could barely kick.

"But I have a lot of experience coming back from that injury. I was aware of my body, and I was aware of my balance. I have a good team around me, and I trusted everyone that was there. That's how I performed. I train with people that I am safe with and that would allow me to get to that fight. I had a lot of adversity to overcome but honestly, I went into that fight and beat Chad on one leg, and now that I have gone through that adversity, I feel I have gained three new legs." reported Brett Okamoto (ESPN Staff Writer) on ESPN.com.au here

That was before his scheduled December fight with then undisputed champion Jose Aldo (25-1) at UFC 194 on Dec. 12 in Las Vegas.

Below is a short video where Conor talks about his recovery from ACL and his focus on balance and proprioception. 


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 Conor McGregor ACL Rehab 

Conor McGregor ACL Rehab 

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