Clinical Pilates Classes- lead by our experienced physiotherapist and Polestar Pilates Instructor Jo Buist are available in Richmond and Hawthorn. These session are in a 4:1 setting with individualised exercises for each client.

The focus is on progressive rehabilitation and core strengthening, wether post-injury and recovering, OR trying to prevent injury and improve performance.

For those returning from injury, the aim of these classes is to allow that bridge between injury rehabilitation and return to  high level fitness and pain free personal training. Classes will focus on specific injury rehabilitation, core exercises and postural correction- all directed by an experienced Physiotherapist who regularly practices pilates herself.

A one on one postural assessment is required prior to starting these classes.

Mat based fitness pilates classes are also available for those who are looking to return to a high level of fitness- these classes are an excellent option to build core strength and control, whilst enjoying a workout with the confidence that a physiotherapist is present and guiding your program.

Mat Classes start from $25 per casual session, (6 Pack available for $125).

Clinical Pilates start from $45 per casual session (6 pack available for $240).


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