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“Optimus Health delivered a very engaging, thought provoking and professional presentation. The feedback from those present was very positive and they believed they gained much from attending. We recommend this program to other clubs wishing to advance their knowledge across this important topic. We have an impressive 17 trainers attend the trainer session of the ConcussionAWARE program representing 13 teams across our junior football club.
— Linda Gore First Aid Co-Ordination, St Pauls McKinnon JFC - 2016

Optimus knows how difficult it can be running a club with volunteers to then implement another program into your busy schedule.  We take care of all the logistics behind running of the program, we deliver it onsite at the club*, bring along all required AV equipment and aim to make up-skilling your Coaches, Trainers, Parents and Players as painless as possible. 


Concussions can have a serious impact on a young, developing brain.  While most athletes can recover quickly, some will have serious concussion symptoms that could last for days, weeks or even months. 

Concussion can cause changes in how a athlete thinks, feels and/or their ability to learn and remember - including affecting sporting and academic performance.  

Recurrent concussions that occur before the brain heals can slow recovery and increase the changes for long term health problems.


Becoming ConcussionAWARE is easy.  Its a series of steps to ensure that your club understands and implements the latest in best practice concussion management.  This is done by:

  • Ensuring your club has a concussion policy that reflects global best practice standards.  These change all the time and Optimus helps you keep up to date with the latest in best practice management
  • Educate your Trainers, Physiotherapists or First Aiders with the 90 minute session 
  • Educate your Coaches, Team Managers and even Commitee Members with the 60 minute session. 
  • Host a 30 minute player education session to ensure your players know why they should speak up - FREE*
  • Educational Material.  Displayed around the school or club to create better community awareness of concussion symptoms.

Optimus takes care of all the logistics, we deliver our sessions onsite at the school* at a time that suits the school i.e pre, during or post school hours.  

*as part of becoming ConcussionAWARE. 

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