Input of data from players- so what?


At Optimus, we've given your clubs access to the TeamApp Physio database, which has access to 2 different forms to fill in:

- RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion)

- Soreness Ratings


So why should you fill out this data? To simplify it, we utilise that data to flag when an injury can occur. Specifically hamstring injuries.

We've been doing this for a couple of years with our teams now, and when we look back on the data, we have specific yellow and red flags that consistently happen in the lead up to injuries. Our Senior Physio team have done a lot with Liverpool FC and Port Adelaide FC's Darren Burgess' work in this area- we know that when we overload a player in a particular week (we call this acute workload) compared with what they've done in the past month (we call this chronic workload), then injuries happen.


Your club has been proactive in taking Optimus on board this year- our goal is to flag when these incidents are about to occur to your coaching staff, and then manage it from there.

2 Key points on this:

1) You need to input the data! We need a month worth of training data and gameday data for this to work. 

2) Even if you have young trainers, new grad physios or Optimus Crew that you feel are new to the game and still learning- HELP them out. This data goes directly to our Senior Physios, so even if you think your squad has got some juniors looking after you, it's this data that provides a direct link to the more Senior guys. Take advantage of Optimus' expertise in this area. 

Our key goal is to prevent the hamstring injury that keeps you out of the game for 2-3 weeks, and maybe even forces you to take work off on the Monday after gameday. Input the data- Especially as the season progresses!

If you want to know more, or have any questions, contact Bryan via text on 0481 215 146, or if you have any injury concerns call. See an example of the below data that we use- and if you know of any physios/ trainers/ students who want to learn more and upskill in this area, pass along their details.

Good luck this weekend!