ConcussionAWARE is proudly supported by Epworth Sports+Exercise Medicine Group

ConcussionAWARE is proudly supported by Epworth Sports+Exercise Medicine Group

Optimus & Concussion

‘’Many thanks for providing an extremely informative and practical session this evening. Every coach, official, parent and player should, if practically impossible, attend one of your sessions. I certainly added to my ‘toolbox’.
— Greg Sawyer - Taroona Rugby Club Coaching Director & Level 3 Coach - May 2016

As the preferred supplier of physiotherapy services to the Victoria Rugby Union, covering 10 of Melbourne's Grammar Schools and 3 of the premier grade rugby unions clubs with a few footy and soccer clubs thrown in, we have a fair bit of experience in dealing with sports concussion at the scene.  On average, we see 240 suspected concussions over the course of the winter season in our Richmond and Hawthorn Clinics. 

Like anything that isn't understood, Concussion can be scary. Education is the key to becoming more confident in dealing with Concussion.  From a duty of care perspective, it's vital that school and community club coaches, committees, nurses, trainers and players/parents understand what to do if a concussion occurs.

Listen to the experts - the key message is education, education, education.  


ConcussionAWARE is a series of essential steps to provide education and awareness to coaches, teachers, students and parents on how to identify concussion symptoms and to understand the importance of speaking up about brain injuries. 

ConcussionAWARE is an AWARENESS program that gives those who do not have a medical background the confidence and the tools to follow the correct guidelines when a concussion occurs.

ConcussionAWARE provides the framework and education to make better decisions when it comes to concussion recognition and awareness.  Utilising safety initiatives through ConcussionAWARE ensures your club or school helps to keep the community, and your students & players, safe from recurrent dangerous concussions.  

I believe having copies of the Tools and other materials available gives me the confidence to deal with concussion symptoms and to be able to refer parents (etc) in the right direction with confidence. Thank you for the training, I believe every school should have this training.
— ConcussionAWARE Coach Participant
  ConcussionAWARE is part of the AFL Coaches Level 1 Course

ConcussionAWARE is part of the AFL Coaches Level 1 Course

If you look after a School or a Club, fill out the form below to receive an overview on ConcussionAWARE. If you are an individual, parent or athlete with concerns around concussion, email for more information.

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